Thursday 10 September 2009

Knave's Dial out, but it won't count (either)

I got Knave's Dial out, another ghastly patience and the tenth most rarely solved game in Solsuite.   Like I did with Class Day, I went back to my best unsuccessful game, to see if it came out.    Since it only had 4 cards unplaced, I was not amazed that it did in fact come out.   In fact I just needed to avoid taking one card, (which I did by undoing, in case you think I have some kind of sixth sense), and it came out.   

The game number that comes out is 3163897827515. 

1 comment:

  1. Hey bro, i got to solve Knaves' Dial as well. But now, i am trying Archway. Have you won Archway? If you got, can you send me the game number? I think Archway is a point of luck, about the cards in layout, more than how the cards are played. And i really wanna won this game. Thanks!