Thursday 19 March 2015

My eponymous domain name:

There's not a lot to say in this post.  Simply that I bought the domain name

This is possible because recently the Belgian region of Gent (usually spelt Ghent in English) started its own top level domain .gent

I don't know how people have domain names which are their name, i.e. eponymous domain names. It's not that unusual to have a domain like, which I also own.  

Right now I've just pointed these URLs to my university address, but it's nice to be able to point people at It's basically a modern-era version of a vanity number plate.

Update: I've now moved my main blog URL to be I wouldn't have done this but it looks like all the old links still work, which is nice.   So e.g. if somebody sends you to the Petrie Multiplier blog post at, you should find yourself at