Tuesday 3 November 2015

Thanks Lisa, and Sorry

In my previous post ranting about BT, I said what I'd like the nice people from BT to say to me.

Eventually I got a very nice woman from BT, Lisa, who was able to handle my case properly. She couldn't fix the underlying issue or restore my overall faith in BT, but she was able to say more or less all the things I wanted BT to say, and provide good customer service. Indeed at one point Lisa said to me that I shouldn't have had to go through such an "ordeal", and that was her word, not mine.

So I want to say Thanks Lisa.

Also Sorry, because I promised to give her positive feedback through their commenting system, but it took me a month to get round to it and the link had expired.  So I didn't get the chance to tell BT that Lisa had handled the case very well.

So Thanks Lisa, and Sorry.

Actually there's another reason for saying Sorry, I'm worried that I might be making BT Care's job harder because I want to say this to anyone having problems with BT. Get in touch with BTCare because you have to wait a few days, but then you get somebody who actually handles the case instead of doing whatever it is everybody else in BT "Customer Service" does.

To BT as a whole, I would say this: make all of your customer service like BT Care. People who provide customer service and handle the cases. Whatever it is you are doing at the minute .... does. not. work.

Incidentally, for those following my adventures, it looks like we really can get internet TV at our address now, but I can't face doing that through BT, and the only other company who does it is ... TalkTalk. So I don't think so.