Tuesday 28 April 2009

The end of cinema?

I went to see Aliens vs Monsters 3D. The 3D was indeed impressive and it worked well, and the film was fun.

But here's the thing. I think the movie industry is hoping that 3D will save cinemas, because (like smellovision and indeed 3D in the 50s, you can only do it in the cinema.) But I think it might kill cinema. Because the cinema has a fixed size screen, and the film-makers have to work around it. If they're smart they get it right, but at best the real estate available for 3D is limited. If I had lcd display goggles, or retinal projection, then I would get a genuinely immersive experience. Then everything would be better at home, and nobody will go to the cinema ever again.

Could be wrong, but then again, years ago I thought they were nuts not putting XP virtualised into Windows Vista, and now a major blogger goes on all about this as if it was a new idea. Of course I didn't write down my ideas last time. Hence putting Cinema death predictions online now.

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