Thursday 5 March 2009

How Not To Become President

What is this list?

  1. Charles G Dawes
  2. Joseph Taylor Robinson
  3. Charles Curtis
  4. Frank Knox
  5. Charles L McNary
  6. John W Bricker
  7. Earl Warren
  8. John Sparkman
  9. Estes Kefauver
  10. Henry Cabot Lodge, Jr
  11. William E Miller
  12. Edmund Muskie
  13. Sargent Shriver
  14. Bob Dole
  15. Walter Mondale
  16. Geraldine Ferraro
  17. Lloyd Bentsen
  18. Dan Quayle
  19. Jack Kemp
  20. Joe Lieberman
  21. John Edwards
  22. Sarah Palin
You may have got it by the end. They are the 22 losing candidates for Vice President since 1924 (inclusive). None of them have (yet) gone on to be President, though some have been their party's nominee (Dole and Mondale).

And the one before this list started in 1920? The losing candidate for Vice President was Franklin Delano Roosevelt.

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