Monday 16 March 2009


This year's weed is bluebells. A lot of them were dug out in Autumn, but there's still a bunch there. I've discovered that I can tell the difference between snowdrop leaves and bluebells by touch. Bluebells have a rubbery feel whereas snowdrops are more whispery.

Why weeds? They are bullies, they are invasive, and the ratio of prettiness to leaves and groundcover is low. And they are Spanish Bluebells, not the native kind. Anyway, even native bluebells should be in a drift across a hillside under woods.

There's a shaded area which has a lot of bluebells and crocosmia. Crocosmia is this year's Enemy Number 2. In this area there is also a lot of snowdrops. Now the bluebells are getting out, I'm using this as a kind of nursery for snowdrops. I'm transplanting out some to other parts of the garden and leaving enough to grow some more for next year.

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  1. I've got lot of them. I think I've pulled up at least 1000 bulbs since I've been in that house.