Tuesday 18 December 2012

Dear UPenn Engineering, Please read my open letter to Judge Business School

Dear U Penn Engineering

Like Judge Business School, you use a third party site to obtain your references for applicants to your graduate programs.

The appalling nature of this software, its lack of usability, displays that it seems you hold in contempt the time and energy of the people providing a service to you by writing references.

I've ranted about this before, so I refer you to that open letter.  Cambridge quickly got back to me to say they would reconsider their processes, so I hope you will too.

One differences from Cambridge.  First, I don't know the data protection provisions in the USA so you may ignore that part.

But here's a new point which was true of Judge too, but only just occurred to me.  Why did I get a request from a great University like U Penn, with zero contact information for U Penn?   The only contacts are for the firm supplying the reference software.   But maybe I would like to find out what the programme is, and a point of contact if there is anything I need to discuss with a staff member at U Penn for any reason.    Shocking.

A final oddity.   Having created and uploaded headed notepaper, as requested, when I preview the document it is overwritten, making both my University crest look ugly and the overprinted information illegible.

Best Wishes

Ian Gent

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